Feedback from Photomatix users

Photomatix is by far the best HDR software out there, and I have tried them all!
Jeff Dean
Thanks for a great product! It is too much fun!
I think I am averaging more than four hours a day using your product. Fantastic results.
Mr. Peter - Travel Author
We absolutely LOVE Photomatix, it's a cornerstone in our practice and I would never consider using any other HDR tool out there. Every one I've tried has been disappointing and I just love the work we create using Photomatix!
Scott Johnson - Toad Hollow Photography
My clients love my photos and it's increased my business! I'm shooting multi million dollar homes because of Photomatix!
Carl Schroeder III - All-Star Productions
This is just a quick word to let you know how much I appreciate Photomatix Pro. It is a superior software program that easily beats the competition. I use it all the time and it's the best money I've ever spent on photo software, and I recommend it to friends all the time.
George Saadeh
After struggling with the "Merge to HDR Pro..." functionality of Photoshop CC, I took another photographers recommendation to try Photomatix Pro. The instant the final image preview appeared I giggled. Out loud. I'm a grown-up man and I do not giggle.
Chris Baumbach - JADAstudio
Out of all of the HDR software out there, by every HDR artist that I know and have seen, they have recommended Photomatix by FAR above ALL other. So that speaks volumes.
Mahmoud Osman
I use Photomatix Pro every day in my architectural photography work. I could not live without it!
Johnny Stevens - CPP Photographer
Your software is an amazing tool and has made things so much more fun. The only regret I have is not saving all those old images that I thought were bad...which would have come alive with Photomatix.
Khalil Huballa
I have trumpeted praises for your product over the years and have many very happy friends using Photomatix today.
John Wallace
I love Photomatix and the flexibility it gives me to capture the entire picture. I am a former Photofinishing Engineer and your software gives me more flexibility than I ever had with daylight photofinishing machines or even a darkroom.
Bill Lindley
Keep up the great work. People rave about my images... and often don't even realize they are HDRs.
How satisfying to be a customer of a company that places such value on customer care; a rather rare experience these days.
Tom Dark
Your app is just amazing. The HDR presets are simply the best that I have ever seen! The way they enhance my photos is pure enjoyment and fun! Photomatix has taken my Photography to a new level and makes taking pictures more fun than ever. And also reminding me why it is important to take bracketed photos!
Lars-Åke Thor -
I've been a huge fan of your Photomatix for many many years and this release has made a great piece of software that much better. I totally love the greater control we now have over de-ghosting. The new version is great but not too (interface and control wise) different. Quite an accomplishment.
I have really enjoyed using Photomatix since the first time I tried it over 5 years ago. Now that I have had a chance to use the 'customer service' end of the product, I realize I will stick with it for as long as I am able to enjoy photography. It really is a pleasure to use a such a wonderful tool backed up by an awesome company.
Paul Casadio
Great software! In my real estate business, I can't live without it.
Marty Brown
I use your software often and would be lost without it. It makes ordinary landscape photos into ones that really stand out.
Steve Leo